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Want to increase your wheel bearing life?!? Look no further than this billet aluminum wheel bearing grease tool! 

Simple pull the axle shaft out, slide this tool into your bearing and give it a few pumps of grease. Billet aluminum with anodized black finish so it looks great and lasts a lifetime. 

Its a well known fact that the stock wheel bearings are dangerously low on grease right from the factory and bearings will wear out quickly if you dont pack them with additional grease. Keep them running longer and stronger by using this trick bearing greaser. It handles all the dirty work for you. Just remove the wheel and axle nut, slide the greaser in place and pump it full of grease. Youll be amazed at how much grease they will take. Even old bearings will benefit, getting rid of any water or dirt that may have built up in the bearing possibly causing premature failure. Billet aluminum construction with black anodized accents. Includes grease zerk and o-ring.


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