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Unity Red Interior Light

Unity Red Interior Light

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Unity Interior lights are a stylish and functional addition to any vehicle’s cabin. This one’s red lighting provides indirect lighting that adds a touch of style without affecting visibility. With three different sizes to choose from and a multivolt function of 10-30V DC, these lights can be mounted on a variety of vehicles.

The lights are made of aluminum, and the lens is made of polycarbonate, making them very durable. They are also waterproof, according to the IP67 standard, ensuring that they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Choose between three sizes, 281 mm, 505 mm, and 953 mm. Pick the size that suits your vehicle best.

Mounting the lights is easy with the included two-meter cable, clips, or screws. They can be mounted on the ceiling, the wall behind the seats, or underneath the dashboard, giving you flexibility in choosing the location that works best for you.

Strands Lighting Division offers a unique three-year function warranty, ensuring that the lights will function properly for years to come.

These lights are designed with the driver in mind, reflecting the company’s passion for innovative and stylish lighting solutions. If you want to add a touch of style to your vehicle’s cabin, the Unity Interior lights with red light are an excellent choice.



    • Type of Lamp LED
    • PCS LED´s 24
    • Voltage (V DC) 9-32V DC
    • Theoretical effect (w) 12V 48
    • Theoretical effect (w) 24V 48
    • Consumption (w) 12V 5,5
    • Consumption (w) 24V 6,2
    • Theoretical lumen 200
    • Actual lumen 165
    • Kelvin 1001
    • IP-class 67
    • Colour housing Black
    • Colour lens Clear
    • Colour LED´s White
    • Connection Cable
    • Cable length (mm) 2000
    • Material bracket Stainless steel
    • Material housing/chassi Aluminium
    • Material lens Polycarbonate
    • Length (mm) 281
    • Depth (mm) 8/13,4
    • Height (mm) 16
    • CC (mm) 273
    • Operating temperature -35°C – +45°C
    • ADR-approved No
    • E-approved No
    • EMC ECE R10
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